On the day of July 1st, 2002, based on the Law on Associations of Citizens and Foundations (Official Gazette of R.M. no. 31 dated July 2nd ,1998) and Article 16, as well as pursuant to Article 10 of the Statute of the Foundation – the Holocaust Fund of the Jews from Macedonia, the Managing Board of the Foundation passed the following:

Work Programme

of the

Foundation: Holocaust Fund of the Jews from Macedonia

The Holocaust Fund of the Jews from Macedonia is a foundation established on the day of April 23rd, 2002, by the Government’s resolution no. 23-2112/1 dated April 23rd 2002 based on the Law on Denationalization of R.M. (Official Gazette of R.M. no. 20/98, 31/00 and cleared up text, 43/00).

The Fund has been established to carry out the programme objectives and tasks based on a Statute and in compliance with the Constitution, the Law and the Founding Enactment.

The Fund represents an independent, nonpolitical, nonmember of any party, voluntary and public organization acting in the capacity of a legal entity.


The main objective of the Fund is:

To enable, through special-purpose denationalization, the assets of the Jews in the territory of R.M. that were abandoned due to their forced deportation to the fascist camps, their non-survival of the pogrom and non existence of heirs, not to remain in ownership of the state, but to be put in the function of eternal marking of the Holocaust of the Jews in Macedonia;
Participation in the construction of the Macedonian Memorial Centre of the Holocaust of the Jews from Macedonia;
Maintenance of the Centre, managing and running of its operations and activities.
Other objectives of the Fund are:

Cherishing of the Jewish culture and tradition and exploration of the life and work of the Jews in these areas by organization of lectures, seminars and other activities in this field;
Protection and revitalization of Jewish monuments;
Collection of historic materials and data on the Jews in these areas;
Further enhancement of the relations between all the citizens of Macedonia and the Jewish people worldwide, aimed at, for example, brotherhood and harmony of the peoples and preventing destructive phenomena like racism, anti-Semitism and chauvinism.
The main tasks of the Fund are:

Research for finding out the names and the surnames of the Jews who abandoned their assets in the territory of R.M. due to forced deportation to the fascist camps, not surviving the pogrom and not having any heirs;
Research and collection of necessary data on the assets of these Jews;
Collection of the assets pursuant to the previous paragraph and turning them into capital assets of the Fund.
Other tasks of the Fund are:

Organization and promotion of spiritual, cultural and intellectual activities on Jewish themes as well as creativeness, in general;
Participation in publications and scientific papers on inter-ethnic and inter-confessional tolerance and co-existence;
Development of forms of engagement and participation of citizens – Jews and their associations in all public activities;
Maintenance of the Holocaust Memorial of the Jews for the purpose of preventing similar genocides and suffering;
Keeping memory of the Jews in Macedonia, their traditions and their two-millennia long contribution to all the segments of co-existence;
Other objectives and tasks in accordance with the Law and the Statute.
To achieve its goals and realize its tasks, the Fund may coordinate its operations and cooperate with related foundations, organizations, institutions, physical and legal entities in our country and abroad.

Article 10

The Fund realizes its goals and tasks through:

Acquisition of data and information for the needs of the Fund in cooperation with state institutions and authorities, scientific institutions, archives, the State Institute for Geodetic Affairs – Department for Measurement and Cadastre, the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, faculties and similar organizations and by professional assistance of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Culture and other;
Organization of meetings, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, performances, projections and alike;
Publishing of periodical printed materials, publications and alike;
Granting fellowships to pupils and students in the field of human rights and alike with a particular emphasis on inter-ethnic and inter-confessional cooperation, understanding and co-existence;
International cooperation per all the above bases, in accordance with the positive legal norms;
Undertaking of other additional activities for the purpose of realization of the programme objectives and tasks.

Holocaust Fund of the Jews from Macedonia


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