The “Limud Keshet” Conference organized for the first time in Macedonia

For the first time in Macedonia, the Jewish community in the Republic of Macedonia was hosting the “Limud Keshet” conference which congregates Jews from all former Yugoslavian countries, from all ages. The Conference took place in Hotel “Drim” in Struga, from 1 to 4 November 2012.

The Program included a lot of educational lectures, including lecture of the honorary consul of the State of Israel in the Republic of Macedonia, Mr.Viktor Mizrahi, who introduced the participants with the history of the Jews on the territory of Macedonia and Thrace till the end of World War II, and with the Holocaust in this region, and there was also a lecture on Judaism, culture, tradition of the Jews in this region, with lecturers from all former Yugoslav Republics, from Israel, including lecture by the Ambassador of the State of Israel in the Republic of Macedonia, Mr.Jozef Amrani.

There was also entertaining part that included music and songs by the Jewish chorus “Mois Hason” of the Jewish Community in Macedonia, as well as many creative and entertaining workshops. Furthermore, there was a special program for the children where they were able to learn about the history, culture and tradition of the Jews through fun and games.

The participants of the Conference had opportunity to watch the Macedonian Oscar nominated movie “Third Half” by the Director Darko Mitrevski.

This event also cherished the Jewish tradition, with joint celebration of Shabat, as one of the holiest holidays in the Judaism, by burning candles for Shabat, singing songs and joint official dinner.

The Conference participants also visited Ohrid, with a tour guide, which was a chance to get acquainted with the Macedonian culture and tradition.

“Limud Keshet” is one of the most exciting educational conferences, organized for the first time by the British Jewish Community 30 years ago, and it spread further to other countries such as Lithuania, Hungary, Sweden, France, Israel, Switzerland, Germany and others.

In the last few years this model expanded to this region as well, “Limud Keshet Ex Yu”, member of the large Limoud family, which in Hebrew means “learning”.

Viktorija Sarkisjan